I have fought to understand the taking of my childhood innocence I have fought rejection and body shaming I have fought homophobia and arrogance I have fought to prove someone poor could become successful I have fought HIV and abandonment and humiliation by the closest to my heart I have fought job harassment and won I have fought a terminal diagnosis and turned it upside down. I have been chased into the sleet on the streets of Brooklyn and fought for my life I have fought doctors to take back control of my health I have fought my own mind every morning to show up at the gym and to stay connected to a stronger body I have fought to keep my heart open and I've done this with all the kindness and love I had left to give

There's a time to stop fighting

I am sharing the beautiful freedom of
truth hoping it will help us to unlock our
history and pain To get to the day when
we wake up and do whatever the fuck
we want knowing that it will come from
a place of love

mathura hawley 

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